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LIC is one of India's leading life insurance company offering a range of individual and group insurance solutions that meet your various needs such as Protection, Pension, Savings & Investment, Health and more.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance refers to the legally binding contract between a policyholder and an insurance company that provides financial protection to his/her family. The insurer promises to offer the insurance benefit in exchange for regular premiums paid by the life insured.

The ‘financial protection’ under life insurance is provided in the form of life cover, also known as sum assured. It is a pre-agreed amount that is payable in case of an untoward incident with the life insured.

For the life insurance contract to be enforceable and life insurance quotes to be accurate, your application must accurately disclose your current and past health conditions. Also, you need to pay a single premium or regular premiums as chosen when buying life insurance. You can estimate the life insurance quotes for your financial profile by using the insurance calculator.


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Our world and everything it encompasses is evolving fast. The insurance market in India is no exception to this and the insurers now offer online insurance to the policy buyers to keep up with today’s digitally driven demands.
As for the customers, the availability of online insurance plans has made things much easier. They can search for and buy online insurance policies with just a few taps on their smart devices or a couple of clicks with a mouse. Undeniably, buying online insurance plans make for an advantageous option for policy buyers in several ways.


Income tax slab rates & deduction

Every tax payer knows the toll that paying taxes puts on their financial income. To minimize this impact, tax planning is essential and needs to be done wisely. Tax Planning helps you to smartly invest in savings instruments, thereby offering combined benefits of investment growth as well as reduction in the amount of taxes paid to the Government.


Which term plan will suit you best?

Term plan is the bedrock of financial planning. It is the most basic form of life insurance. The core benefit of a term plan is that it provides a high life cover for your family at an affordable cost. This, when clubbed with various riders, or additional cover from an accident, disability and disease make term plan a power packed shield for your family.


Why buy a child plan?

The cost of higher education is rising swiftly in India. With such steep education costs 20 years from now, it is imperative to follow a disciplined savings regime to be able to support your child’s goals. It is also important that your investments should give generate a rate of return that is higher than the inflation rate. Click here to know how a child plan helps your child enjoy a great future.


Retirement Planning mistakes to avoid

The second innings in any game is even more exciting than the first. This holds true in case of life too. Your lifestyle during those golden years should be magnificent. To make that happen, your investment needs to beat inflation. Retirement plans help you in invest in a disciplined fashion today, to secure a great lifestyle tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Financial Security
    Buying a life insurance plan with an adequate sum assured acts as a financial cushion for your family members. It ensures that they will not need to live a compromised lifestyle or disregard their life goals in your absence. Finding the right life insurance quotes for you and your family will be a wise move in planning your finances.
  • 2. Child’s Future Planning
    With the help of life insurance quotes, you can plan for your children’s future, including their higher education plans. The insurance benefits they will receive after you help them fulfil their dreams just as you have planned for them.
  • 3. Disciplined Investments
    Putting aside money to be invested in various financial instruments becomes difficult when there are so many financial responsibilities to cater to. Getting the life insurance quotes can help you distribute your investments more effectively. You can enjoy the dual benefits of life cover and investment with certain types of life insurance plans.
  • 4. Corpus Creation Over the Long Term
    Most life insurance policies ask for long-term commitment to pay the premium timely and help create wealth, which can be used to fulfil various life goals. You can also opt for life insurance plans with maturity benefits to enjoy life with financial independence. When you refer to the life insurance quotes for your financial profile, you will get a clearer overview of how this will work.
  • 5. Retirement Planning
    There are various life insurance plans that you can choose to plan for your retired life. You can select monthly income or lumpsum pay-outs with these plans to enjoy your life after retirement without financial worries. Such life insurance quotes will allow you to plan years ahead of your retirement, giving you a sizeable corpus to lead a comfortable life.
  • 6. Tax Savings
    Life insurance policies help you save tax under Section 80C of the ITA (Income Tax Act). The premiums you pay for a life insurance plan makes you eligible for tax deductions of up to Rs. 1,50,000. You can also save more tax under Section 80D on choosing health-related riders with your life insurance plan. Find your life insurance quotes to plan your tax savings effectively.
    Tax benefit are as per prevailing tax laws subject to change.
    Life insurance acts no less than a lifeline for life, especially in the current uncertain times. More people in India are gradually realizing the importance of investing in life insurance. In terms of their functioning, most life insurance policies work similarly in three stages:

Many investors tend to make a common mistake of investing in instruments without factoring their entire financial picture – the equity they have built-in their home, existing loans, and other liabilities. Ideally, every asset and investment you own should factor into your risk-reward equation.

Getting your life insurance plan at an appropriate stage in life allows you to take more risk when it comes to securing your life and making sure that you provision a significantly large financial corpus (in the form of insurance coverage) as backup against contingencies, while continuing to invest for other life goals. Moreover, with a life insurance plan in your pocket, you can be sure that even if something happens to you, your family will not have to deal with a financial crisis at any time during their lives.

Planning with life insurance plans will help your family stay financially protected, serving as a safety net that will prove useful in case of an eventuality. Also, the insurance coverage will augment the total accumulated value of your investments, making sure that your loved ones continue to have a lifestyle that you intended for them, even if you are not there with them.